Welcome to Bloomfield, Kentucky...

Bloomfield is a rural Nelson County city where agriculture, antiques and businesses embrace a 200 year old heritage of agriculture, faith and community.

Council Meeting, 6:30 pm, Fire House - 2nd Monday

Exercise for Everyone, 9 am, Library - Fridays

Friendship, 10 am, Library - Fridays
Not April 18, 2014.

Yoga, 1 pm, LIbrary - Wednesdays

Yoga, 9 am, LIbrary - Mondays

Charm awaits you in our small country town and surrounding area. There are stores and shops that provide items from food and gas to antiques and novelties. Stay at our bed and breakfast, enjoy a walking tour, visit our city lake and park, or drive through our countryside to our local winery. The small town atmosphere is worthy to experience.

Bloomfield passes Ordinance for Private Lateral Sewer Lines

The City of Bloomfield has adopted an ordinance regulating privately owned sewer laterals with the objective of maintaining the City's sewer system in a reliable and serviceable condition, eliminating or minimizing sewer overflows and protecting public health and safety by providing a mechanism for enforcing standards on private sewer laterals.

Click here to view the ordinance (No. 2016-109). ( 85Kb PDF)

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